Two services:

7:45 AM - Masks Required

9:15 AM - Masks optional

Considerations for Worship!

  • Bulletin and order of service will be placed in the pews. There will no hymnals, communion cards, or pencils in the pews.  If you want to provide a pencil or crayons for your kids, please do so but take them home afterwards.

  • We will be seating you from the front to the back and then dismissing you back to front.

  • Attendance for both worship and communion will be taken by an elder/usher.

  • Every other pew is available for seating.  One household per pew please.  However, if there is a one-person household there may be another one-person household sitting on the opposite end of the pew.

  • Offering plates will be the entrance to the sanctuary and in front of the church as you approach the communion rail.

    • The plates will be sanitized between the service.  Thank you for your faithful and generous support during this time.  Also, online giving remains available at

  • Communion distribution will be done by pew.   You will receive the host (wafer) in an individual cup that you will take from a table.   You will then receive the wine in and individual cup and after receiving both, the pastor will do the dismissal per pew.  If you have been to one of pastor’s individual family communion services, it will look similar to that.  Both the Pastor and the Elder will be wearing masks and sanitizing their hands.   We will not be placing the elements into your hands but placing them onto the table to adhere to the social distancing guidelines.  There will be a garbage can on both sides that will be used for disposing of these cups.

  • When the worship service is done, please take all bulletins and any other personal belongings home with you.  We should not have them left in the pews or on any tables.  We will not reuse them.  If you choose to do so, there will be a garbage can at the exit to the church so you can throw them away. We will be replacing bulletins in the pews between the services.

  • We will also need some help sanitizing the pews in between the services, so consider serving your neighbor in this way.

  • When it comes to masks, we strongly encourage you to wear your masks, this will help protect your neighbor during this time.   We will not require masks, but out of respect for your neighbor and his or her well-being, we ask you to wear them.

  • When it comes to singing there is some science that says this virus will spread farther through singing, this is another reason to wear a mask if you are a robust singer.

  • Finally, please do not congregate in the building, parking lot or other outdoor areas at this time.  Feel free to greet briefly outside.

Sunday School, Bible Studies, and other meetings:

  • Sunday School has started at home.  In-person Sunday School is starting on October 4.

  • Bible Studies currently in-person, Tuesday Morning Men's Bible Class and Thursday's at 11 AM.

  • Meetings of the various church groups and boards will be determined if they will be held in person or via zoom by those participants.

Communion hours

  • Sunday from 10:15-12 noon

  • Wednesday from 9am-12 noon and 4-5 PM

  • These hours are for those that choose not to be in worship at this time.  If these times do not work, please contact pastor to make separate arrangements.

  • Along with communion, pastor is still unable to do shut-in visits to nursing homes and to be consistent, will not be visiting shut-ins in their homes.   If there is a special request for a visit, please contact pastor and he will work with you during this time to take care of your spiritual needs.